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FM Radio Stations Articles

A limp to the finish line

After a brutal year, it's victory enough to still have a job, writes Sue Javes.

Hearing voices in the still of the night

SHE was calling from Tasmania and staying away from windows, so they wouldn't spy her. Outside, her dog was tethered to a wheelbarrow to keep it safe from tractor beams. Triple J's Dave Callan, host of The Graveyard Shift, turned up his levels but still struggled to hear her. " more

FM stars on high rotation

REGIFTING is the dubious practice of wrapping and giving away a present for the second time, in the guise of a new gift. Television marketers prefer the term “encore presentation”, as if blaming the viewer for having served up the same show to them on more than one occasion.

Call to sack radio hosts after girl, 14, reveals rape on air

A TOP-RATING radio station has defended a stunt in which a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector before revealing — live on air — that she had been raped.

Triple M Tactic Takes The Spoon

THE station that blazed the trail for FM radio in Sydney more than 25 years ago has suffered the ultimate humiliation of wooden spoon status in the latest Nielsen Media survey.